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18 teams are ready to light their fire at the Free Fire SEA Invitational


18 teams are ready to light their fire at the Free Fire SEA Invitational

Get ready to witness an epic battle of fiery proportions as Free Fire’s first multiregional tournament of the year ignites this May! Set to showcase the competitive spirit of 18 teams from MCPS, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Europe, MEA, Taiwan, and Pakistan, Free Fire SEA Invitational (FFSI): Light Your Fire envisions an electrifying stage that inspires players to unleash their utmost potential on the road to victory.

FFSI is divided into two stages, the Group Stage and Grand Finals, which will take place from May 12 to 21 and May 26 to 28 respectively. Fans can tune in to all the live action on YouTube, the official broadcast partner of FFSI, as top teams battle it out for a chance at the $300,000 prize pool. 

18 teams to compete in the Group Stage, with 12 moving on to the Grand Finals

In the Group Stage, teams will be divided into three groups of six, with each team playing a total of 24 heart-stopping matches. The first two seeds from the same qualifying region will not be allocated to the same group, and each group will have no more than two teams from the same region. Fans and players can stay tuned to the Group Stage Draw results on May 7, which will reveal the team lineups in each group.

The 18 teams that have qualified for the Group Stage are:


The ultimate showdown of the Grand Finals will take place from May 26 to 28, where the top twelve teams from the Group Stage will compete in a series of six matches per day.  Viewers can look forward to a high-octane display of skill, strategy, and passion as these teams battle it out for the ultimate championship title!

Light Your Fire at Free Fire SEA Invitational

Free Fire introduces the slogan “Light Your Fire”, seeking to inspire every player to tap into their inner spark and unleash their full potential this FFSI. While "Light" represents the power of each player to ignite their own and their teammates' potential, fueling motivation and momentum towards victory, "Fire" represents the fiery enthusiasm and burning desire that drives all contenders to pursue their dreams and reach the pinnacle of success.


1st Place: 100,000 USD

2nd Place: 40,000 USD

3rd Place: 20,000 USD

4th Place: 20,000 USD

5th - 6th Place: 16,000 USD

7th - 8th Place: 12,000 USD

9th - 12th Place: 10,000 USD

13th - 18th Place: 4,000 USD


Catch the tournament live on Free Fire’s official channels

All matches will be livestreamed from 18:00PM (GMT+7) on YouTube, the official livestream partner, for fans to witness the battle unfold. 

For more updates on FFSI, stay tuned to the official Garena Free Fire Esports channels: