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FFWS Champion Interview


FFWS Champion Interview

Phoenix Force blew our minds by setting an unprecedented record at the Free Fire World Series 2021 Singapore. They won with a massive margin of both kill points and placement points. No team has ever strung together 4 booyahs on the same day, much less, in a tournament that’s as competitive and as difficult as the World Series.Let's take a look at their feelings after winning the championship.

  1. How does it feel to be World Champions right now?


NAMO: I am very happy. Words can't express how happy I am. There’s no other emotion but happiness.


  1. Everyone in your team must have been working so hard for this moment. Is there anything you want to say to your teammates, or to each other?


NAMO:All of you did very well. Zero mistake! I’m proud of you.

  1. Which team did you think was the most difficult opponent during the Finals?


NAMO:Actually, all of our opponents in the finals are very strong. If I have to choose one, it will be Team Silence.

  1. Is there any particular team or player that you want to face again in the next World Series? (and why?)


NAMO:If I need to choose one, it will be Skyrix from Team Silence. For the reason that their strategy is similar to ours and they played very well. 


  1. How do you feel about your team’s performance today? You clutched the most kills. Do you  think everyone else in your team fulfilled their roles and helped support you?


THECRUZ:I feel we did very well. We performed better than I expected. Actually I thought we could be in the Top 3, but we turned out to be the champion. 

  1. Before you guys came here to Singapore, what was your mindset coming into the Free Fire World Series? 


JOENA:I was really excited, because attending the FFWS has always been my dream since I started to play Free Fire. I’ve always wanted to compete on the world stage.

  1. What’s the biggest difference between playing here today at the World Series compared to back in Thailand for your local leagues?


RAMBO:Comparing the competition in the World Series to Thailand tournaments, there is a huge difference. The World Series includes the No.1 pro players from each competitive region. It is really hard to defeat all of them and become the champion, but we did it!


  1. Are there any shoutouts or messages that you guys wanna tell your fans?


RAMBO:I want to say thank you to everyone for sending encouragement and cheers. We are the Phoenix force. We are the world champions and we are ready to bring this title back to Thailand!