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Free Fire World Series 2021 Singapore: Finals Recap


Free Fire World Series 2021 Singapore: Finals Recap


Everything about the Free Fire World Series 2021 Singapore Finals was record breaking. Phoenix Force dominated the whole tournament by winning four Booyahs! This is the first time ever in the history of competitive Free Fire that some team has been this dominating. By doing this, they set a record that will probably not be contested for a long long time. 

We, too, set another world record with your help. Free Fire Esports touched 5.4 Million live concurrent viewers across all our streams(excluding Chinese platforms). Such massive viewership numbers have never been seen before in esports. We thank you so much for tuning in to our livestreams, cheering for your team, and showing your love for the game. For those of you who were unable to watch the tournament, this article will bring you up to speed with everything that went down


Phoenix Force creates history by pulling off a hat-trick.

The first game in Bermuda set the precedent. As the game progressed, the circle closed towards Factory and there were too many teams there. Factory was a tinderbox waiting to explode, and Phoenix Force was ready to start some fires. They played spoiler by spreading out across the border wall and controlling all exits. As the teams that were already inside were forced out by the zone, Phoenix Force opened up a shooting gallery from all sides. TheCruz was the MVP of the game with 7 Kills, and the first booyah was theirs. 

They continued the trend on Kalahari. Kalahari is always complicated when it comes to rotations. But Phoenix Force had their bearings right. They knew which areas were the best to hold. They didn’t exactly win because of zone prediction, but they took favourable positions from where they would be relevant in fights no matter where the zone went. They took down some stragglers to capture a position of their choice and won the game with 12 kills. This time Joena was the MVP of the game with 5 Kills. 

Their inane sense of positioning shines even brighter in the third map - Bermuda. People were in two minds about which side of the river the circle would close on. Phoenix Force stayed on the western island, and crossed the river very late, after making sure that most of the teams were not close to the water. This kept Phoenix Force safe at the start of the game. By the time they started to pick up fights, most of the other teams were already bleeding. They won the game with 6 kills. It doesn’t matter if this booyah was achieved with fewer kills. They had just created history by pulling off a hat-trick in the Free Fire World Series2021 Finals.



Finally HQ Esports put a halt to their booyah winning streak

In the fourth game of Bermuda, we got to see several teams come on the verge of defeating them. Most of them didn’t succeed; those that did, sacrificed a lot. The first team to try was, poetically, First Raiders. The Indonesian team charged into them when they knocked out two members of Phoenix Force. Rambo pumped away with his M1887 Shotgun and got a triple kill. He wiped out FRB with a little help from Joena. They repeated the same process with VIP Esports as well, engulfing them in flames. They were very well on their way to win this game as well, but HQ Esports was too cunning. The Vietnamese squad lurked in the shadows throughout the game, and killed only two people in the end to steal the Booyah away. Even then, they were still outranked by Loud who finished second (8 placement + 9 Kill points = 17 total points).

Whether they get the dub or not, Phoenix Force were still on the top and won more points than anyone else in that game. (9 placement + 14 kill points = 23 total points). 


HQ Esports won the second booyah in a row, but in vain

The Vietnamese squad HQ Esports finally found a way to counter the all-conquering giant. They started piggybacking them. HQ Esports followed Phoenix Force around in the fifth game on Kalahari like a shadow. They did not ever fight them, but were keeping an eye on them from a safe distance. They only swooped in at the very end like vultures to feast on their momentum and snatch the booyah away with just one kill. 

Just when they started to string together hopes of pulling off a hat-trick, Phoenix Force stomped them in the last game of the day to put up the fourth and decisive booyah on the scoreboard. 

They were the first ever team to score a hat-trick in a global level Free Fire tournament, and then some. Towering over everyone else with 113 points and 48 kills, Phoenix Force seized the throne of the Free Fire World Series 2021 Singapore. They will take home $500,000 and the prestigious FFWS 2021 SG trophy. Loud finished second, followed by Silence and Fluxo. HQ Esports, even after winning two games, came in fifth. This was truly a spectacular sight to witness. No wonder 5 Million+ fans were watching the finals at the same time, shattering viewership records. 


We are really proud of Phoenix Force and wish them an abundance of continued success. We are also proud of you, for being a part of this wonderful experience and contributing to the success of this event. Rest assured, we will return soon, with plenty of more exciting Free Fire action. Stay tuned!!