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Free Fire World Series 2021 Singapore - The Contenders


Free Fire World Series 2021 Singapore - The Contenders


The Free Fire World Series is a unique meeting point of top teams from every region as they lock horns for an epic showdown that will determine the team which wins the title of world champion. Despite the ongoing pandemic and logistical difficulties, we are excited to put together an epic showdown for our fans. We’ve covered the format and other details of the tournament earlier so today we’ll focus on the teams at this grand competition. 


The Play-Ins Stage

This stage will feature teams from 9 regions, all of whom placed high in their respective regional competitions. 

1. Newgank - Singapore

2. Vaixourar - Europe

3. DEA - Arab League

4. Singularity.Invincible - CIS

5. LOUD - Brazil

6. God’s Plan - Latin America

7. Attack All Around - Thailand

8. First Raider’s Bravo - Indonesia

9. HQ Esports - Vietnam

Brazil’s LOUD is one of the favorites from this stage but given that this is a short format, any team has the potential to come out on top. The top three teams from the Play-ins stage will move on to the grand finals.   


The Grand Finals

The grand final features the top teams from 9 regions - those who won in their respective regions. 

1. VIP Esports - Arab League

2. LGDS - Taiwan

3. Silence - CIS

4. Geek Fam - Malaysia

5. Fluxo - Brazil

6. Team Aze - Latin America

7. Phoenix Force - Thailand

8. EVOS Esports ID - Indonesia

9. Burst the Sky - Vietnam

Nobru’s Fluxo will definitely be one of the top contenders but the Indonesian side, EVOS Esports, and Thailand’s Phoenix Force are also strong competitors. 


The team’s from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh aren’t a part of Free Fire World Series 2021 Singapore due to travel restrictions. However, the teams who did qualify for the event will receive a percentage share of the prize pool.

Stay tuned for more updates on FFWS 2021 Singapore and don't forget to join us on the live-action on 22nd May for the Play-Ins at 20:30 GMT+8.