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FFCS Play-ins Primer


FFCS Play-ins Primer

Free Fire Continental Series (FFCS): Free Fire’s flagship international tournament for 2020 kicks off this weekend with the Play-ins!

  • Each of the tournament’s three separate series – the Americas Series, EMEA Series, and Asia Series – will begin simultaneously this weekend
  • Fans can join the action via livestreams – with live commentary in 10 languages – and via the FFCS-themed in-game events and rewards



19 November, 2020 – Free Fire’s flagship international tournament for the year, the Free Fire Continental Series (FFCS), kicks off this weekend with the Play-ins! A number of Grand Finalists for each the tournament’s three series – the Americas Series, EMEA Series, and Asia Series – have already been determined, with each region’s top seeds having earned direct entry into the Grand Finals on 29 November; the Play-ins this weekend will feature the rest of the seeds as they compete for the limited remaining spaces. Fans can also get in on the action via the tournament livestreams and FFCS-themed in-game events and rewards.



The Play-ins for the Americas and EMEA Series will take place on 21 November, while the Asia Series will be held on 22 November. The Americas Series will bring together teams from Brazil and the Latin America regions; the Asia Series will feature teams from Chinese Taipei, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Thailand, and Vietnam; the EMEA Series will comprise teams from Europe, Russia, and the Middle East, and North Africa (MENA). Check out the full list of participating teams from each region’s series in the Appendix section.


All of the teams will have their eyes on the tournament’s combined US$900,000 prize pool, with each of the series to have US$300,000 up for grabs.


Each series will offer Free Fire and esports fans tantalising match-ups as their favourite local teams go up against their regional rivals. Fans will be able to catch all of the matches live on BOOYAH!, Discord, Garena Live, and YouTube, which will be accompanied by live commentary in 10 languages – Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, English, Hindi, Mandarin, Portugeuse, Russian, Spanish, Thai, and Vietnamese. 


Players will also be able to join in the action in-game. From 20 November, players can get a taste of the tournament experience with the #UndefeatedSquad in-game event, which will invite players to squad up in teams of four and complete missions for rewards.


The Free Fire main interface will also undergo a massive revamp to introduce a host of FFCS-themed events and rewards. Participating players will stand a chance to win exclusive FFCS skins and collectibles.


  1. Cheer For Your Team Event: Players will unlock rewards by showing their support for their favourite team.
  2. Pick’n Win Event: Players can earn rewards by correctly predicting which teams will get a BOOYAH!
  3. Live Interface: Players can earn rewards by watching the games.
  4. Exchange Store: Players can earn tokens through gameplay, which can be exchanged during this period for even more rewards! 


The tournament Peak Day will take place on either 28 or 29 November, which would depend on the date of the Grand Finals for each region – 28 November for the Americas and EMEA Series; 29 November for Asia Series. More details on that will be released in the coming days.


Competitive Format


All three series will follow the same competitive format across both stages of the tournament. Teams will battle over 6 rounds, across 3 maps: Bermuda, Purgatory, and Kalahari, with points awarded based on round ranking and the number of kills. 



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