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Free Fire Event Introduction - FFCS


Free Fire Event Introduction - FFCS


Want to win the game, but don't know how?

The first thing you need to do is - Squad up! Play with your friends!

After being familiar to your squad's tactics and improve your skill, you can start conquering the world! So it's time to -

Squad up and Conquer! 


What will we bring to FFCS Big Event?


  • FFCS exclusive In-game lobby
  • FFCS exclusive event interface
  • New FFCS costume bundle
  • New FFCS collections
  • FFCS Theme Airplane Skin
  • FFCS Theme Decoration: Airdrop, Bonfire, In-game Bonus, and Airship




What's new in the FFCS event interface?


  • Cheer For Your Team - Vote for teams to claim minor rewards
  • Pick’n Win - Guess the winner right to get Blue Hexagon token to exchange for rewards (exclusive FFCS Pin)
  • Watch Mission - Watch live and reach viewing time to claim Triangle Token (exchange tokens)
  • Gamer Exchange - Exchange exclusive rewards, using tokens


When will FFCS Big Event happen?


It will start from 20 November and close at 6 December.