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FFIC 2021 Fall Grand Finals: Teams Overview


FFIC 2021 Fall Grand Finals: Teams Overview


The long grind is over. The long period of powering through the League Stage and the Play-ins is dusted. Now only one step stands in between the qualified teams and eternal glory. Free Fire India Championship 2021 Grand Finals are right around the corner. With few days remaining, let’s take a look at the finalists and what to expect from them. 


The Challengers

The teams that fall under this category are 4Unknown, Galaxy Racer, Blind Esports, and Total Gaming Esports. These are the teams that most people would expect to win. All these teams have been at the top of all major tournaments, and have been FFIC finalists in the previous seasons. Some of them have even been FFIC winners, namely - Total Gaming Esports and Galaxy Racer. 

Galaxy Racer dominated Group C out and about, whereas Total Gaming Esports finished second in Group A, bested by an unlikely underdog who we will discuss later in the article. Both these teams have shared history, shared players and a rich legacy to defend. Both the teams are also playing for the second FFIC title. Their rivalry will be legendary. 

On the other hand, there is Blind Esports from Group B. They were always a credible threat who can finish in top 3, but in the past, there have been roadblocks which stopped them from reaching the peak. This season, they seem more polished and prepared. Their faults were beaten out of them, the chinks in their armor were reinforced, their aim was sharper and their rotations were swifter. 

4Unknown were locked in a battle for the second spot of Group C against Team Elite. Luckily for them, Team Elite made some bad decisions on the last day of the League Stage that gave them the edge, and hence they made it through. The strongest point of this team is their capability to hot-drop and control Refinery in Kalahari, which nets them a massive inherent advantage in two of the six maps that will be played in the finals.


The Contenders

The teams in this category are TSM, Team Elite, Team Chaos, and Head Hunters. These teams have proven their mettle in the past, but for some reason, were not able to unleash 100% of their power. While they are still some of the strongest names in the Indian Free Fire Circuit, they are a little out of shape and will have to restructure their playstyle to better suit the finals.

Team Elite struggled a little. They started off strong in the League Stage, but were tied in a deadlock against 4Unknown for the battle for the second final spot of Group C. They lost because they tried to pick up unnecessary battles against 4Unknown on the final day of the League Stage. They were hoping to hot-drop against 4Unknown and wipe them out right at the start to make the tournament easier, but it ended up backfiring against them. 4Unknown qualified directly, while Team Elite had to take a detour and go via the Play-Ins. 

Similarly, TSM had a great performance in the first two weeks, but started to slip in the last week. They were unable to finish their fights quickly, and often found themselves staring down the barrel of a brutal third-party attack. MrJay, their star fragger played away from the rest of the team as a lurker and always got picked off, and his team followed suit soon after. If they can set up their lurker for success, they can have a great shot at the trophy.

Team Chaos on the other hand, looked feeble and underwhelming. They were once a top 3 finalist, but they were reduced to mere stragglers during the League Stage of the tournament. Stripped of their power, Team Chaos managed to channel their inner Purgatory-god and got a booyah in the Play-Ins, which let them scrape through the meat grinder. 


The Underdogs

Here are the teams that are entering the Grand Finals of a premier tournament for the first time. But while they lack the experience, they do not lack the firepower. The teams that fall under this category are Aura Gaming Esports, Desi Gamers Esports, PVS Gaming Esports and LR7 Esports

Aura Gaming Esports shocked everyone by getting the very first booyah of the League Stage. They continued their momentum and showed that they can easily capitalize on opportunities and boost their stats. They almost qualified directly too! After tying up the league points against Total Gaming Esports, the only reason why they couldn’t make it through was because Total Gaming Esports had more booyahs than them. For a team that has just entered a Tier 1 competition, they sure do pack a punch. 

Desi Gamers Esports are a deadlier foe. They topped Group A, surpassing all the squads with brain and brawn. One of their most impressive performances was when one of their players clutched out a booyah against 3 fully-kitted teams as a sole survivor. Unlike Aura Gaming Esports who capitalize on opportunities, Desi Gamers Esports creates their own opportunities. They lurk in the shadows and strike at the right time. Even if they didn’t have it all under control right from the start, they made it look like everything was calculated. 

PVS Gaming Esports have some solid fundamentals. Their trade fragging is immaculate. When the zone and the odds are stacked against you, and all hell breaks loose, the only thing that can save a team is micro-coordination and trade frags. PVS Gaming checks off all the right spots and looks like a well-rounded team heading into the finals. 

LR7 Esports woke up in the tournament a bit too late, but when they did, they painted the floor red with their bloodlust. They harbor immense hunger for destruction, but if they don’t keep their aggression in check, they might end up overextended and lose their advantage. 

The participants are ready! The challengers have a legacy to defend, the contenders are set to usurp the throne, and the underdogs are ready to topple the hierarchy. Who will emerge as the ultimate champion? Find out on 17th October 2021, at 6 PM IST on our YouTube Channel.