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Expert Analysis on Free Fire India Championship 2021 Fall feat. Kripz & Mamba


Expert Analysis on Free Fire India Championship 2021 Fall feat. Kripz & Mamba


The competitive circuit of Indian Free Fire has completed more than a year now. We started our journey with FFIC 2020 Fall, completed several more tournaments which were aimed towards both pros and underdogs, and now we are about to complete a full circle with the beginning of FFIC 2021 Fall. In this grand year full of adventure, a lot has been established about the scene and the meta, but it has also changed quite a lot over the course of this year. Our casters who have been with us since the beginning - Kripz and Mamba, discuss what the year has been like and analyze what to expect from the ongoing FFIC 2021 Fall. 


The throne is loyal to no one

Over the course of this year, we have seen several teams that dominate the server and gather the hype of being the best team of all time. Their form might be at an all time high, their popularity may be through the roof, their stats might point in an unbelievable direction, but they might not necessarily win. We have seen this several times. The curse of Team Elite, the unknown secrets behind 4Unknown’s consistent form, the rise and fall (and rise again) of Total Gaming Esports, the saga of Vasiyo… All these are examples of contenders and kings in the making, but nobody could rule the throne for too long. We are yet to see a dominant “era” of a particular team or player in the circuit so far. The circuit is a lot more competitive now than ever before, and winning the championship will be harder because of tougher opponents; hence this win will be more impactful than the championships before. 


Changes in Meta

At the start of 2020, we saw people opt for ARs a lot more. Their secondary weapon would either be a shotgun or a sniper rifle, depending on the range at which they preferred fighting. However, ARs used to be staple because of their versatility at all ranges. Eventually, people realized the potency of SMGs. The MP40 ruled for a decent amount of time until it was overthrown by the Akimbo Vectors in the winter of 2020. Both the casters here agree that X-Mania was one of the best users of the Akimbo Vectors because he used it in a reckless way to disrupt enemies. As summer creeped in, people started to realize the potency of the M82B. Using nothing but snipers was considered as something only a madman would do. One might have rocked a double-sniper loadout in Classics, but when TE-Pahadi attempted it for the first time, it blew everyone’s minds. From that point onwards, people were encouraged more to try out weird loadouts which defy the meta. This is when the glass ceiling is shattered. 


Of brick and mortar

Gloo walls have been an integral part of Free Fire. Reflexes are tested based on how quickly one is able to deploy the walls as soon as they sense danger. Ever since wall piercing weapons like the M82B have been introduced, the usage of Moco’s hacking ability has also increased. However when guns seem like too much of a chore, people always resort to explosives. The M79 Grenade Launcher is still the all-might, all-slaying weapon of the game, but the humble frag grenades can prove to be quite resourceful when the RNG gods have not blessed you with a launcher. We have seen people fill up their bags full of nades, and rely on precisely throwing these grenades to reliably get kills often. Such grenadiers have been making a name for themselves on the international level. It’s one of the easiest ways to kill your enemy who is inside cover. Whether they are inside a house, behind a gloo wall or under a Time Turner dome, grenades are the perfect solution to a game that offers you adequate cover. However, managing resources can be the problem here. Managing your backpack space becomes important here. Some of the coolest players to take a look at in terms of grenading skill are BLD-Ginotra and FTX-Indro.


Rise of underdogs

Tournaments like Free Fire Battle Arena and Free Fire City Open have led to the discovery of new gems. More and more professional teams are opening up to the idea of giving the new generation players a chance at the top level. Sure, experience does count a lot while competing at the highest level, but new blood brings with it a fresh take on the game. Players like TG-Delete, GXR-Maryx, and BLD-Abhay are proof of the same. Their careers might not be as decorated as their older teammates, but they have become an indispensable part of the team because of the amount of firepower they bring to the table. 


We have seen some of these evolve over the course of the year and become better players; not just in the country, but on the international level as well. We have also witnessed some of the deserving underdogs get a chance to showcase their talents and become prominent names in the Free Fire circuit. While one cannot predict the future about who will win the tournament or what might happen once the League Stage begins on 17th September, we know that it will be a banger. While we tried to analyze the tournament as much as we can before it begins, we hope that it pleasantly surprises us and shows us something we have never seen before.