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Story of the FFCO Champions feat. Hyderabad Nawabs


Story of the FFCO Champions feat. Hyderabad Nawabs


Free Fire City Open was a one-of-a-kind tournament, that scoured the country in search of the new faces of Indian Free Fire. Hyderabad Nawabs emerged as the winners of the tournament. This team has put up several applaud worthy performances before under the banner of 'The Captains', but this is their first triumph at a major event. We spoke to Nivesh from Hyderabad Nawabs to see what goes on inside the mind of a champion. 


Q. How are you feeling after winning FFCO Finals?

We are feeling extremely happy after winning an official event for the very first time in our esports journey. 


Q. How did you manage to win the first booyah? Tell us what was going on in your mind in that match?

Our mindset for the first match was to just dominate and get a booyah no matter what. That would have kept us a step ahead of all the other teams right from the start. A strong start would mean a strong finish is also on the cards. 


Q. During the rest of the matches, did everything go according to your plan? If not, how did you deal with it?

There were many things that didn't go according to our plan, but we manage to keep ourselves on the top thanks to some other things that did work in our favor. It's all about recognizing opportunities and seizing them. 


Q. Lucknow Tigers (Team Elite) overtook you halfway through the day. What was going on in your mind at that time?

We were feeling normal. It was just a matter of one booyah or a good game with plenty of frags and we would be back on the top. 


Q. At any point, did you think about directly countering them, or were you concentrated on your own gameplay?

No, we don't do that here. We were focused on our own gameplay right from the start. 


Q.  Delhi Titans came to the top out of nowhere. What was your reaction when that happened?

We observed their gameplay. They were consistent and showed patience because of the good amount of experience on their team. 


Q. The last match was super intense. Tell us what the atmosphere in the team was like at that time.

The atmosphere in the bootcamp was perfect. We did the best we could, and that was enough for us. The rest was not in our hands. 


Q. If there is one thing you can chalk up your win to, what would it be?

I think it would be our ability to stay calm and seize opportunities. There were some fights that we got involved in only because we knew we would win. So we tried to extend our kill points like that whenever we got the chance, and I think that made all the difference. 


Q. What's next for you and your team?

Up next we would obviously like to win other major titles like Free Fire India Championship 2021 Fall later this year. We are also keeping our eye on Free Fire World Series because we want the world championship to come to our country. 


That was Nivesh from Hyderabad Nawabs, who has won the FFCO trophy, but his goals are bigger, as he wants to win the world championship for his country. We love this mentality and wish him the best of luck for the future endavours. 

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