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Free Fire City Open National Finals Preview


Free Fire City Open National Finals Preview


It was almost two months ago when we embarked on an exciting journey of finding budding Free Fire Esports talent in remote parts of this country and giving them a national stage where they can showcase their skills. After making it through a number of challenging stages, 12 best Free Fire rosters from our country are going head to head with each other on the night of 15th August to claim the throne of Free Fire City Open. Our list of finalists consists of successful esports rosters with international competitive experience as well as teams who are participating for the first time in any official Free Fire Esports tournament. In addition to such interesting dynamics, there is other important information that you must know before the showdown begins. Here in this article, we have included the major ones. 


Free Fire City Open Teams

The tournament was conducted in a city based format where the champion teams from each of the 8 city finals directly qualified for the national finals. The rest of the four teams were selected via Play-Ins and Wild Card finals. Now, these 12 teams will play at the finals under the banner of their respective cities. Here are the top 12 teams representing their cities.

  1. 1. Delhi City Finals Winner:  Team OP - Delhi Titans

  2. 2. Mumbai City Finals Winner: 4 Unknown-Galaxy Racer - Mumbai Strikers 

  3. 3. Hyderabad City Finals Winner: Captains - Hyderabad Nawabs

  4. 4. Ahmedabad City Finals Winner: Zero-Degree - Ahmedabad Lions

  5. 5. Kolkata City Finals Winner: Head Hunters - Kolkata Kings

  6. 6. Chennai City Finals Winner: Jallikattu Tamilnadu - Chennai Conquerors

  7. 7. Vizag City Finals Winner: Last Hope - Vizag Victors

  8. 8. Lucknow City Finals Winner: AFF Esports - Lucknow Warriors

  9. 9. Wildcard Finals Winner:  Pro Nation - Dehradun Wolves

  10. 10. Wildcard Finals Runner-Up: Titanium Army - Punjab Panthers

  11. 11. City Play-Ins Finals Winner: Team Elite - Lucknow Tigers

  12. 12. City Play-Ins Finals Runner-Up: Raven Esports - Chennai Hunters


FFCO National Finals Format

Following the previous format, there will be a total of six matches at the National Finals to be played across three different maps - Bermuda, Kalahari and Purgatory. As for points distribution, there will be 1 point per kill in all the matches. A Booyah on each match will offer 12 placement points, followed by 9 points for second place, 8 points for third place and so on.


FFCO National Finals Prize pool

These 12 teams have already won prize money for becoming City Champions in their respective region. However, that barely counts when compared to what is up for grabs at the FFCO National Finals. The finals boasts a prize pool of INR 60 Lacs which will be distributed among these 12 teams with respect to their final standings. Additionally, there is prize money for Most Team Kills and MVP of the finals as well.

1st Place - Rs. 15,00,000                                   7th Place - Rs. 1,50,000

2nd Place - Rs. 7,50,000                                    8th Place - Rs. 1,50,000

3rd Place - Rs. 5,00,000                                     9th Place - Rs. 1,00,000

4th Place - Rs. 3,00,000                                     10th Place - Rs. 1,00,000

5th Place - Rs. 2,00,000                                     11th Place - Rs. 50,000

6th Place - Rs. 2,00,000                                     12th Place - Rs. 50,000

Most Team Kills - 1,00,000                                 MVP - 50,000


FFCO 2021 National Finals - Where to Watch?

The National Finals will be streamed live on Free Fire India's official Facebook page and YouTube channel on August 15th from 6 PM IST. There are exciting rewards awaiting for the audience as well. We have already announced the Viewership milestone reward and other exciting challenge rewards for the FFCO National Finals. Don’t forget to tune in to the livestream so that you don’t miss the best Free Fire action of the year along with free rewards that’ll be up for grabs.

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