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Free Fire City Open: Rounding up the Grand Finalists


Free Fire City Open: Rounding up the Grand Finalists


We are not far away from the National Finals of the Free Fire City Open. We embarked on a long journey that started almost two months ago, to explore each and every corner of the country and find the best players from all over. This tournament was started with the objective of finding young talented gamers across India and giving them a platform to help them kickstart their pro-gamer journey. We have reached the final destination now. On 15th August, we will crown the champions of the Free Fire City Open. Take a look at the finalists that we have scouted from across the country. 


Delhi Titans

This team was overpowered! No, we aren’t just saying that because they were. That’s literally their name - Team OP. And they lived up to it very well. They dominated the Delhi Finals by winning three booyahs! They scored 112 points in that qualifier, while their closest competitor had only 81 points, meaning they had a difference of 31 points. They created this dominant buffer not against a bunch of unproven opponents, there were some well renowned teams like LVL Iconic and Last Breath in that lobby. Having proven their worth against tough opponents already, we expect this team to do well in the National Finals.


Ahmedabad Lions

The temperature in this lobby dropped down to Zero Degrees, as they turned into cold blooded killers on Purgatory. This was a team that won two booyahs during the Ahmedabad Finals, both of them on Purgatory. With this specialist map under their belt, they would find themselves in a great position if they are able to replicate the same level of map control during the National Finals. 


Hyderabad Nawabs

A ‘nawab’, according to old Indian vocabulary, means a ruler, or a king. Well, given the way team Captains absolutely annihilated the lobby, makes this title appropriate for them. With 62 placement points and 84 kills, they got a total of 146 points. Their closest competitor was at barely 64 points. Their appetite for violence was unquenchable. A difference of more than 80 points is a massive number. If you combine the frags of the top 4 teams who qualified for the Play-Ins from the Hyderabad finals, you still wouldn’t be able to match the number of kills that The Captains had that day. 


Kolkata Kings

Head Hunters, a mixed team composed of several pro players from various teams reigned supreme in the Kolkata Finals. This was a fairly closely contested final, with all their opponents doing reasonably well. Head Hunters had to break a sweat for this one. Even after tough opponents like Asin Clutchgods, who won two booyahs on that day against them, Head Hunter’s consistency enabled them to surge forward directly into the National Finals. Their star players Taneja and Aasim made all the difference. 


Chennai Conquerors

The Chennai Finals were truly a battle of the underdogs. Jallikattu TN won the day with a buffer of 10 points and secured a spot in the National Finals against the likes of Slumber Queen. While their path to the Finals was secured, all the other teams that qualified for the Play-Ins from this qualifier put up great performances in the Play-Ins Finals. Teams like Slumber Queen and Raven Esports put up a great fight right up until the last moment. Jallikattu, having secured the booyah in the first two games of the day, built up a safe enough buffer for themselves that would last them throughout the day. However, in the finals, they will have some debt to settle. 


Lucknow Warriors

Ankush Free Fire had a sweaty win here at the Lucknow Finals. They won three booyahs, some in a pretty impressive fashion, some cheekily. While some of those wins came on the back of good decisions and a little bit of luck, this massive influx of points is what got them a direct ticket to the National Finals. This was probably the toughest lobby that we would have had in any city finals - with big names like Team Elite, Survivor 4AM and a surprise consistent contender by the name of Zila Ghaziabad. These teams gave our champions AFF a tough run for their money, and they might have a revenge battle against them in the National Finals too. We love to watch what we will reap, now that we have sown the seeds of revenge. 


Mumbai Strikers

The city of Mumbai was created by joining seven islands together. But in order to create a dominant team, you only need to put together two well known teams. The players of 4Unknown and Galaxy Racers joined forces to create the team that won the Mumbai Finals. Both these teams have been Free Fire Pro League Finalists, which means the players are not underdogs. This is one of the deadliest teams to look out for in the National Finals. We have a potential favourite here. 


Vizag Victors

Hands down the closest city finals that we have seen, where the winning team qualified by a whisker. There was a difference of just one point between Team Last Hope and Black Ops. Team Black Ops won two booyahs and scored plenty of kills, and should have been able to win. But Team Last Hope, even with no wins was able to win because of their consistent top 3 finishes and highest kill count. Vizag Victors does seem to be the most underwhelming team in the finals, given the fact that their lobby had no well known teams and that they barely managed to qualify. Going into the National Finals, they are the true underdogs. Let’s see how they survive in a rough situation. 


Dehradun Wolves

Pro Nation is a team that qualified from the Wildcard Finals and chose to call themselves Dehradun Wolves to represent their region in the National Finals. Even before the finals begin, the future of this team in the Indian Free Fire competitive circuit looks bright, as they have managed to capture the attention of several well-known teams and organizations, and are starting to receive great offers and opportunities. They were able to win two booyahs during the Wildcard Finals, and led the pack by a mile. We look forward to seeing more of this team. 


Punjab Panthers

You need nerves stronger than steel in order to pull off a heist as Titanium Army did. They did not seem like they would be able to qualify for the National Finals, as they were trailing far behind the top two teams during the Wildcard Finals. AOS Esports, who managed to win two booyahs had a significant lead over Titanium Army, but because of an early loss in the last game of the day, Titanium Army surged ahead and overtook them by one point to steal that slot away. Titanium Army, with no booyahs to their name had to rely on their fragging and kill points to be relevant in the tournament. While they were outclassed by Pro Nation, they will get a chance to exact revenge during the finals. 


Lucknow Tigers

Here comes the uncrowned kings of Indian Free Fire, the most dangerous team of them all, and the lineup that has the highest chances of winning the Free Fire City Open - Team Elite. They have time and again proven that they are the deadliest team in the country. Everyone fears them, but not everyone bows to them, for they don’t have a crown. They have a history of dominating every tournament, only to fall during the Finals. This curse continued for them during the FFCO Lucknow Finals as well, where they fell victim to Ankush Free Fire, who qualified directly. Another surprise contestant Zila Ghaziabad took it upon themselves to ruin their experience and specifically target Team Elite. Despite having a target painted on their back and everyone looking to take them down, Team Elite overpowered their competitors during the Play-Ins Finals and scored more than hundred points to send across the message that they are still superior. 


Chennai Hunters 

Chennai is a city that has delivered the spiciest storylines so far. While Jallikattu TN qualified directly to the National Finals, all the other teams that qualified for the Play-Ins via the Chennai Finals wreaked havoc in their games and made the competition very close. Raven Esports worked really hard to finish in the top 2 of the Play-ins finals. They had to go up against tough competitors like Team Elite and Survivors 4AM to do so, and also had a run-in with their local rivals Slumber Queen - a team that had previously created problems for Raven Esports during the Chennai Finals. Having already faced two of their twelve competitors, Chennai Hunters have some knowledge of how both amateur and professional teams play, and can probably use that experience to their advantage on Independence Day. 


These were the teams that you will be seeing during the National Finals of the Free Fire City Open. Mark the date, as this will happen on the Independence Day of our country - 15th August 2021. Tune in to support your favourite teams on our Free Fire Esports India YouTube Channel at 6 PM IST. 


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