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FFPL 2021 Summer: Interview with Team Sixth Sense feat. FabIndro


FFPL 2021 Summer: Interview with Team Sixth Sense feat. FabIndro


Free Fire Pro League 2021 Summer is scheduled to go live on the 26th June 2021. This one-of-a-kind tournament gives newcomers and pro players the same platform to compete, thus levelling the playing field. We spoke to one of the player of the Indian Free Fire competitive circuit today. FabIndro from Team Sixth Sense, team that was in the top three of Free Fire India Championship 2021 Spring, will be playing in this tournament once again. We sat down with him to get his plans for the tournament. 


  1. Q. How are you feeling to be a part of Free Fire Pro League?

It feels good to be recognized as one of the best in the country. We have worked really hard since the last time we played in a tournament. But whether or not all that hard work, practice and scrimming has resulted in actual improvements, we will have to wait and watch. I am really excited and I cannot wait to be back in action. 


  1. Q. What do you feel about the new tournament format?

The format is refreshing. It is brilliant. Nobody can predict the winner right up until the last game. Right up until the final moment, the top 5 teams will be bouncing back and forth. Earlier, people used to just do a lot of questionable stuff just to make it to the top 12 and somehow participate in the finals. Nobody cared about doing well in the regulation, they all just tied to cram in new strategies into the short duration of the final. A little change in the pattern of FFTS did give regulation a little more importance when extra points were assigned in the finals based on the positions in regulation, it still wasn’t impactful enough. Now that everything is in one seamless step, all the teams must be firing on all cylinders, at all the times. 


  1. Q. Do you think this format will make the game easier or harder?

This might just make the tournament a little harder. This will make the game harder for everybody. The top teams will have to be consistent right from the start, and even the smallest points difference can be exploited by everybody. Since there are no separate phases, everyone will need to score points consistently. Only the position at the very end matters, so the newer players will have to grind a lot. 


  1. Q. Do you feel like this format will make it easier for underdog teams to play with the top teams?

The underdog teams will have to grind to get to the top. I feel like that if they cannot keep up, then the points disparity between the top teams and the underdogs might just be too much. However, I am hopeful of the new teams. We have seen a lot of talent and potential in the new names. Even in FFCO, a lot of new players are making a name for themselves. We are hoping that some worthy contenders will emerge from this tournament. 


  1. Q. Will you be hiding or saving strategies for the later phases of the tournament? Or will you go all out right from the start? How do you decide which one to use when?

We will try to score as many position points in the first three games. We are hoping with these position points that we can establish a good enough lead. After the third game, all the teams that are sitting at the bottom of the scoreboard start to panic, and they start to play a little more aggressively in order to make up for the lack of points with kills. At that point, the game turns into a sweaty lobby. When our opponents are playing aggressively, it becomes easier for us to pick up more kills. So position points first, then kill points in the later stages of the tournament. That’s our plan for now. 


FabIndo and his team certainly has their journey in the Free Fire Pro League 2021 Summer planned out. You should also mark the date on your calendar and plan out the day in order to enjoy this epic tournament live, with your friends. Tune in to our Free Fire Esports India official Youtube channel on 26th June at 6:00 PM IST.