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Free Fire Tri-Series: Week 1 MVP Interview


Free Fire Tri-Series: Week 1 MVP Interview


Having crushed the competition in week 1 of the Free Fire Tri-Series, Team Elite sits comfortably on top of the leaderboards and is virtually guaranteed a spot in the grand finals. With nearly 200 points in just 2 days of play, the team has made a strong statement and established itself as favorites in the tournament. Let's see what Team Elite's PAHADI, MVP of Week 1 of the Free Fire Tri-Series has to say about their team's dominating performance.


Q. Hi Pahadi, congratulations on a wonderful performance in week 1 of the Free Fire Tri-Series. How did you and your team prepare for this tournament? 

We are trying to play as many third-party and local tournaments as possible and as a team, we also try and play 3-4 hours of ranked matches. With this, we are able to keep up with the meta and in form. 


Q. What went your way in the opening week and why do you think the team was able to play so well this time around?

We have played so many tournaments together that we don’t fear losing anymore. I think that is what allowed us to play so freely and secure some good points in week 1. 


Q. You seem to be in good performance personally with 39 kills in just 12 games. What has been your focus in the games and how do you see yourself carrying this form forward?

I try to cover my team as much as possible. To be fair, the 39 kills are as much my team’s as mine. They were exceptional in supporting and helping me get the kills. 


Q. With such an exceptional performance do you think teams will be targeting you in week 2? If so, how do you plan to tackle the situation?

I don’t think any team will target us specifically as they also need to secure the qualification points necessary to make it to the next stage. In any case, we are always prepared for any team who wants to contest us or stand in our way. 


Q. Which map do you think is the strongest for Team Elite and why? 

Not sure about the team, but personally Bermuda is my strongest map. I always feel confident and am able to give my best. 


Q. Which teams do you think will be the ones to watch out for in this tournament?

All the teams are really good because that is how they made it into the Tri-Series tournament. So it would not be wise to underestimate anyone at this stage. 


Week 2 of the Free Fire Tri-Series kicks off on April 16 with matches going live at 2 PM IST. Tune in on the Free Fire Esports India YouTube channel.