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Free Fire Tri-Series: Preview


Free Fire Tri-Series: Preview


We are all set to kick off the Free Fire Tri-Series that looks to be one of the most exciting competitions for South Asia in recent memory. The $50,000 tournament is not only high stakes and has an interesting format, it also is a great platform for teams ahead of the much-awaited World Series in Singapore. The tournament will feature a league stage, and a Grand Finals with the top 12 teams from the league moving on. There will be no Play Ins stage, which means that the stakes are as high as it gets. 


Group Stage Schedule 

Group stage matches will be played across 2 weeks. 

Week 1:  Day 1- 9th  April

               Day 2 - 10th April

               Day 3 - 11th April

Week 2:  Day 4 - 16th April

               Day 5 - 17th April

               Day 6 - 18th April


Group Stage Draws

The 18 teams have been placed in the following three groups. Each group will play the other twice over two weeks. At the end of the group stage, the top 12 teams will be directly seeded in the grand finals. 

Group A

1) Galaxy Racer

2) Team Chaos

3) TM Swag

4) Riot

5) House of Blood

6) HotShot


Group B

1) Team TG

2) Demon’s Pride

3) Team Elite

4) Sixth Sense

5) B26 Mystics

6) Extreme Ex


Group C

1) Agent Exp

2) The Jawbreakers

3) Revengers

4) No Chance

5) Last Breath

6) Nemesis


The group stage of the Free Fire Tri-Series kicks off on April 9 with matches going live at 14:00 IST on the Free Fire Esports India YouTube channel.