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Is Captain Booyah better than DJ Alok?


Is Captain Booyah better than DJ Alok?


Say hello to K, you can also call him Captain Booyah. Based on the renowned music artist KSHMR, K brings a whole new dimension to the way Free Fire is played. He might as well change the entire meta and might become the most popular character very soon. 

Unlike most other characters who have either a passive or active ability, K has two abilities that you can switch in between. 

- Jiu-jitsu Mode: 500% increase in EP conversion rate

- Psychology Mode: +2 EP every 2 Seconds, up to 150 EP

This is a whole new ballgame, the kind of abilities that are being introduced to Free Fire for the first time. So how do you best utilize this character? 

The best way is to accumulate as much EP as possible. When you’re safe and not fighting, keep at it Psychology Mode. This will keep increasing your EP slowly and steadily. If you want, you can consume a few mushrooms if you get the chance to max out your EP. The idea is to accumulate as much EP as possible so that you are ready to fight. 

Once you get into a fight, switch to Jiu-jitsu mode. This will give you an insane amount of health regeneration. The best part about this character is that it heals you up very quickly. In the heat of the battle, if you’re low on health, the jiu-jitsu mode will keep you alive. 


How to best use it:

Most of the time, if you are low on health, one has to make a difficult decision. Do you heal first? Do you fight first? Or do you run away? If you’re run away, you don’t get enough time to use Med Kits and heal yourself, forcing you to move on to low health. If you decide to heal first, you won’t be able to move, your opponents will know where you already are and hence you’re stuck. 

With Jiu-Jitsu mode, you can focus on repositioning yourself as you keep healing on the move. 

How is this different from DJ Alok’s ability? 

One might say that DJ Alok has similar abilities, as that also gives you bonus HP and EP. The difference is that once you use ‘Drop the Beat’, you heal just enough to survive a couple of more bullets. Using the jiu-jitsu mode will keep on healing you, as long as you have EP and you don’t take further damage. Hence, in a way, K’s healing ability can be more effective in granting you higher overall HP if you position yourself correctly.

We hope that this article helps you to use K in the best way possible and win more games. 


Good luck survivors. Booyah!